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Fri/Sat, Jul 11th & 12th
Over 300 athletes from more than 25 teams competed in the Youth Shooting Sports Federation's US Open at the Clark County Shooting Complex in Las Vegas, NV.

We had four squads representing Granite Bay for the YSSF US Open: Our Varsity Squad, Aces Full: Chandler Dale, Austin Williams, Jared Mayer, Dakota Burley, and Blake Zerlaut. Our mixed squad, Full House: Grant Dangberg, Jessica Scotten, Marissa Thonnings, Hannah Davis, and Brandon Williams. JV Squad, Deuces Wild: Noah Evers, Jack Samuel, Tyler Abinante, Josh Jackson, and Bailey Snow. And, the 2014 JV State Champion Squad, Let it Ride: Trevor (T-Bone) Befort, Nolan Brophy, Michael Binon, Joey Ainor-Bergh, and Jessica (J-Bird) Maynard. 

After our practice on Thursday evening, we had a great time shooting in the games of Annie Oakley and Buddy Backer under the lights.  GB dominated the games and many went home with jack in their pockets!  Check out the pictures of the Evening Fun Shoots!

We shot fairly well the first day and great the second day, but it wasn't quite enough to bring home the championship.
We ended the competition with a 3rd place High 5 award in both JV and Varsity and a 3rd place JV squad award from Let It Ride.

The level of competition was some of the best we've ever seen. There were two perfect 200 scores and four 199s! Athletes from all over brought their game!

Congrats to our team members who shot perfect rounds of 25: CHANDLER, DAKOTA, JARED, AUSTIN, BLAKE, HANNAH, T-BONE, MICHAEL, JOEY, NOAH, J-BIRD, BRANDON, TYLER, and BAILEY. Congrats to the 50 straights: DAKOTA, JARED, AUSTIN, and MICHAEL. And, way to go MICHAEL, who took it one step further and ran 75 STRAIGHT!

Super proud of everyone and probably the best trip to Vegas we've had.  Just good stuff all around!

Sat/Sun, Jun 14th & 15th
A fantastic finish at the CYSSA State Championship! Varsity took 2nd Place in the Division 1 High 5 competition. JV took 1st Place in the Division 1 High 5 and the 1st Place Squad Award made up of Nolan Brophy, Trevor (T-Bone) Befort, Michael Binon, Joey Ainor-Bergh, and Jessica (J-Bird) Maynard.

We posted some amazing scores and ran some impressive straights. Congrats to our 25 straights: T-BONE, MICHAEL, NOLAN, JOEY A, JACK, JARED, AUSTIN, DAKOTA, BLAKE, ADAM, CHANDLER, JAEDEN, JOEY M, and CHRIS. Running 50 straight: JOEY A, T-BONE, JARED, AUSTIN, CHANDLER, and JAEDEN. And, if that isn't impressive enough, JOEY A. put his game face on, focused like never before, and grinded it out to run 75 STRAIGHT! Way to go, JOEY!

Icing on the cake... Michael won the gun raffle, donated by the California Waterfowl Association!

We couldn't be more proud of every single team member during this two-day event. You brought your game, represented Granite Bay HS with top-notch sportsmanship, and made it an all-around fun weekend.

Parents, thank you for all of your support not only this past weekend, but throughout the entire season. We have a great GBHS Trap Team family!

Saturday, May 31th

Our final series shoot of the season was held at Coon Creek.  With all of the Seniors and siblings attending graduation, we had a smaller group.  A make-up tournament was held at Auburn on Monday for the Seniors.  Congrats to those who shot their personal-best scores and to those with 25 straight: JAEDEN, BLAKE, ADAM, GRANT, DAKOTA, first tournament 25s, NOLAN and NOAH, and CHANDLER who ran 50 straight.

Saturday, May 17th

Livermore was the site of our 5th tournament.  Despite the wind, this was one of our best scoring days.  Again, we had personal-best scores posted by a few, 25 straights from CHANDLER, ADAM, AUSTIN, BLAKE, MAURO, COLE, and for his first ever, THOMAS, and managed to find ourselves in another shoot-off.  CHANDLER's 98 put him in a 5-way shoot-off for 3rd place.  Holding on until the last post, Chandler dropped one target, which took him out of the first round, along with two other shooters.  Regardless of the outcome of the shoot-off, we are very proud of the 98!

Saturday, May 3rd

A beautiful day for our 4th tournament at Auburn Trap Club.  It was a busy day with shooting, manning the houses, running the Grizzly Grill and getting our three Senior Ball squads finished in time to get dolled up for the dance.  Bringing home medals in Varsity were DAKOTA BURLEY who took 2nd place with a 96 and CHANDLER DALE, who took 3rd with a 93.  JOEY AINOR-BERGH brought home a 3rd place medal in JV with his score of 92.  Running 25 straight were DAKOTA, JOEY, and BLAKE. 

The Grizzly Grill and raffle was a huge success.  The food was amazing and our families really stepped up to help with donations, prep, cooking, and sales.  We thank everyone involved for all their hard work, with an extra special thanks to Andy Brophy for orchestrating the fundraiser, his family for their efforts, and the Binons for their donation of the Grand Prize Las Vegas condo.

There are so many team members and family members who put extra effort into the day.  Without calling each out by name, we thank all of you! 

Saturday, Apr 26th

Tournament three is in the books.  Once again, no individual awards, but a good showing by all.  Several personal-best scores, lot o' 25 straights, and continued improvement by our new shooters.  Congratulations to those who ran 25 straight:  JARED, DAKOTA, TREVOR BLACK, MICHAEL, and a first tournament-timers, BLAKE and JOEY A-B.

Saturday, Apr 12th

Scores were unusually low for all teams participating in the second CYSSA tournament held at Auburn Trap Club.  With a large chunk of our team missing due to spring break, we had just five squads competing with seven other teams.  And, even though scores were low, we brought home some hardware!  MICHAEL BINON took 1st place in JV with an 87.  DAKOTA BURLEY, who tied Davis Onesian from the Carson City Hot Shots with a 90, competed in a shoot-off for 2nd and 3rd.  Dakota won the shoot-off after two rounds, taking the 2nd place Varsity award.  Congrats to both!

Saturday, Mar 29th

We had a good day at our first CYSSA tournament at Angels Camp.  Our eight squads was the largest group we've ever had. Although no individual awards were won, we had solid scores all around. Congratulations to those who ran 25 straight: COLE, GRANT, JARED, HANNAH, MICHAEL, and JAEDEN.  Jaeden backed his up with another 25, giving him 50 straight! 

Saturday, Mar 8th

Great day at Coon Creek Trap and Skeet for our pre-season shoot.  This was a great opportunity for our JV to get a feel for the tournaments and for everyone to get the first-shoot jitters out of the way.  Looks like they are out of the way!  We had three 25 straights (Trevor Black, Cole, and Dakota).  We had all-time personal best scores from several team members.  And, we had new hardware come home with two of our shooters!  Congratulations to COLE who shot a 49, earning him a 1st place Varsity buckle.  Congratulations to BRANDON WILLIAMS who rose to the occasion and shot a 47, then went on to win a shoot-off, which earned him a 2nd place JV buckle.  And, a shout out to TREVOR BLACK who shot a 48 in the Varsity category, putting him in a 3-way tie for 2nd place.  Since all three shooters had gone for the day, a coin toss was done  between us, Woodcreek, and Del Oro to determine the winner.  Woodcreek won the toss.
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