Granite Bay High School 
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NRA Marksmanship Program

Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Scores 

The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is a skill development program.  The course of fire in the qualification program is designed to take shooters from beginning skill levels (Pro-Marksman and Marksman) through intermediate levels (Marksman 1st Class, Sharpshooter, and Expert) up to the nationally recognized skill level--Distinguished Expert, the pinnacle of the program.  By the time a shooter completes the Distinguished Expert rating, he or she has attained a proficiency level paralleling that of a competitively classified Sharpshooter.

Ratings in the qualification program must be earned in sequence from the beginning.  Scores fired for qualification must be applied to the rating on which the shooter is currently working.  Scores may not be held and used for higher ratings.  However, they do not have to be fired consecutively or in the same session.  Ratings and requirements are as follows:

The GBHS Trap Team will participate in the program using a maximum of two rounds scored during designated practice days.  Tournament scores will also count towards rankings, allowing shooters four opportunities (four 25-target rounds) at each tournament.  It isn't expected that all shooters will complete the program in one season.  Shooters not attaining the Distinguished Expert level in the current season will have their ratings carried over to next season.


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